The state of Quintana Roo is in GMT -05.00 and does not switch to winter time. There is therefore -5 hours of time difference with London in winter and -6 hours in summer. It is currently : in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

Important note: the rest of the states in the Yucatan Peninsula change to winter time!
















The Mexican currency is the Peso. The symbol “$” is the same as the US Dollars. You can pay in US Dollars anywhere you go and receive cash change in pesos. There are many exchange offices (casas de cambio) to change your money into Mexican pesos.

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Citizens of EU member states receive a free 180-day visa upon entry into Mexico subject to having a return flight airline air ticket.

This is the form you will have to complete on your arrival flight’s airplane  https://www.mexicotouristcard.com/

Save time and fill it in advance!

Note that in if you are landing in Cancun airport you will not need to fill the form anymore since November 2022.

















Mexico has the same type of electrical outlets as in the United States in 110V .
In the supermarket you will find adapters as in the photo for around 1 euro that works with most recent european chargers or electronic devices .


 To call Mexico from abroad the country code is: + 52 or +521.

The single number for emergency calls is 911.
















No special vaccine is needed to travel to Mexico. It is not recommended to drink the tap water .
When needed COSTAMED is recommended hospital to go to in Playa del Carmen.


 ADO is the most reliable bus company with regular airport transfers and inter-state travel as well.

There are also “colectivos” (small vans) that will stop where you ask them to on the road. Approximately 50 pesos for a ride from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.









 Air France, Lufthansa, Swissair, Tap, Aeromexico, Iberia, British Airways : over 15 regular direct flights from Europe to Cancun per week. To find the best option for you have a look on Kayak:








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It is currently:   in Playa del Carmen.