Taking into account your reservation

We ask our participants a deposit of 50% of the total amount of their activities to take into account their reservation. This amount is due at least 48 hours before the first activity date. The balance of the activities must be effective the last day of activity. O2Mexico will not accept any additional payment period.
Payments by credit card are accepted with 4% additional commission, in cash: USD, euros or pesos (at the rate set by the diving center each beginning of month).

Changes to your reservation

With a 48-hour notice, you are able to change the date of your activity at the discretion of O2Mexico at no cost (subject to availability and weather conditions).

Cancellation by the participant

If the participant does not show up or cancel at less than 48 hours prior a course, a dive or an excursion the 50% deposit will be requested and retained. If a participant arrives when the activity has already started, or stops before the end, the total amount of the activity will be charged, unless an agreement has been agreed between O2mexico and the participant. For cancellations due to illness or other medical problems occurring just prior to the activity preventing the participant from performing the activity, we will ask for a doctor’s written certificate and we will do our best to reprogram the activity at no extra cost. If reprogramming of the activity is not possible, the participant will receive a full refund.

Cancellation by the company

All our activities depend on the climate and O2Mexico reserves the right to cancel an excursion according to certain circumstances. In the event that O2Mexico can not complete the scheduled tour, we will refund the deposit in full or we will offer another alternative excursion. If the alternative solution is refused by the participant, O2Mexico reserves the right to deduct the administrative costs due to the transaction.

Changes to the itinerary

Although every efforts are made to respect dive schedules and itineraries, O2Mexico reserves the right to modify them at any time in the interest of the participant or when meteorological reasons require so.
O2Mexico will not be responsible in case of forced cancellation or a change in your trip due to a force majeure such as war, riot, civil strikes, labor dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, conditions adverse weather conditions, traffic jams or other external problems beyond the control of O2Mexico.

Authority on a tour / Excluding a tour

The decision made by the driver, divemaster or instructor working at O2Mexico will be final on any issues that could compromise the safety of the group. O2Mexico will not be responsible for participants who commit an illegal or illegal act. The participant could be excluded from an excursion or course without reimbursement. If O2Mexico considers that a participant is not suitable for an excursion, the dive center may refuse or cancel, in its sole discretion, the reservation of a participant if this participant may endanger or cause nuisance or inconvenience to other participants . If participants are under the influence of alcohol or drugs prior to an excursion, the activity will be canceled without refund.
We understand that sometimes diving is not for you or that your instructor decides that you need more training to complete your course. In this case, a snorkelling tour may be organized or the possibility of returning to a later date will be offered. All this is at the discretion of the guide. No refunds will be made if you find that scuba diving is not for you or if the instructor recommends returning when you are more experienced and confident in the water.

Damage or loss of equipment

The participant agrees to use the equipment made available or rented, with care and take all necessary precautions, to avoid damage, loss or being robbed. The participant also agrees to respect the instructions of the instructor or guide on the use of the equipment during its installation, its use and when it is returned. Any return of an element in a state different from which it was at the time of the provision or rental, is understood as a damage. In this case, O2Mexico authorizes itself to require from the participant the payment of a sum up to that which will have to be committed to repair or replace the material. It is specified that the normal wear of the material will not be considered as a damage.

Security and personal effects

O2Mexico is in no way responsible for objects deposited or entrusted to the dive center. The diving center can not be responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal property in the dive center or during the dive service, no compensation may be required by the participant.